Puppy Agreement

Pomeranian Name______________________________________ Sex___________________

Color of Pup_________________________ Price___________________________________

Pups D.O.B.__________________________ Deposit_________________________________

Pick up Date__________________________ Balance_________________________________

Sire_________________________________ Dam____________________________________

I  Sheila Santos , take a deposit of the amount stated above, on the puppy named above. The deposit will hold or (reserve) the puppy until Pick up date and balance is paid in Full. No Cash Refunds. Deposits of $200 will hold puppy. That portion designated as deposit is Non-refundable and Non-Transferable, No Cash refunds.
Total is expected 2 weeks before shipment. We Do Not Take Personal Checks ,Cash,Bank Cashiers check,Postal Money order or Paypal 
only. Buyer has 3 business days to send deposit if not received in that time frame the puppy will go to next on our waiting list. Should the puppy become ill or have a life-threaten Problem before leaving the premises of the seller, Then the buyer can pick a replacement puppy of equal value, first available. If you choose Not to pick another puppy then you lose the deposit you have put down. Pups have a 48 hour guarantee to be Checked by a licensed vet , Provided I receive a written letter from your Vet NO less than 3 business days will be replaced first available equal value. Pup must be returned within and
NO less than 72 hours at buyers Expense Unharmed. Pups will receive first vaccinations and D-Worm.
 Seller will not
be responsible for any vet bills or travel expenses. The Seller reserves the right to sell or not to sell to any one for any reason. Pups that are shipped have been checked by a licensed Vet and have a Health certificate. Pups can be shipped after their second shot is given. Price of pup does not include Health certificate , Air Fare, or Crate Cost. Pups that are shipped buyer must be available to receive them . You are required to let me know when you have picked up pup from airport same day as shipped so I will know he/she is safe with you. All puppies are sold as Pets with AKC papers - unless full AKC arrangements have been made, we do not guarantee the ability of your Puppy to breed or show. We Do Not Guarantee Size ,Color, Temperament, coat, hernias, hypoglycemia, hydrocephalus common in tiny Pups or to be fully potty trained new owner will
have to put forth effort in continuing their training. We do routinely treat for Coccidia, Giardia, due to shipping, travel, change in homes, environment, pups there is no guarantee that the pup may need to be retreated due to
stress. Keep your AKC Papers in a safe Place I charge a refiling /replacement fee of $20 and AKC Charges $15 also to replace papers Totaling $35. When signing this contract you are agreeing that the breeder will decide when the puppy is fit and ready to go to his/her new home. Age of placement is entirely up to the breeder.
Buyer agrees the puppy will not be resold or given away / Re homed If you can No longer provide a Home the puppy will be returned to  Yuma Poms No Cost.
The Purchaser is 18 years or older has read and fully understands the terms of this contract and agrees to comply with them....

Purchaser Signature___________________________________________ Date_____________

Home Phone_______________________________Cell Phone____________________________



Airport to be Delivered_______________________________________________________________

Email Address______________________________________________________________________

Please Sign and Mail, fax, of email
Please notify me when you have returned it

Puppy Supplies


Federal USDA and the State of Arizona  Rules & Regulations govern all warranties and guarantees. All sales are considered initiated, transacted and finalized in Yuma County, Arizona . All puppies will be examined by a licensed Veterinarian prior to delivery. All expenses incurred medical or otherwise, are the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping expenses are never refunded.

Buyer’s Responsibilities:

    Have puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery.

    After the first 72 hours it will be the buyer's responsibility if the puppy develops an upper respiratory infection, pneumonia or hyperglycemia (sugar shock).  Please discuss preventives with you Veterinarian or call the breeder.

    Provide puppy with routine preventive care, such as, but not limited to:

             Annual physical examinations by a licensed Veterinarian.

             Follow Veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations & de-worming.

    If the puppy is not spayed/neutered before leaving the Breeder's care, Buyer will assume all responsibility & risks of spaying, neutering or breeding.

    If puppy is not spayed/neutered by 6 months of age this guarantee is void.  Proof of spay/neuter must be supplied with other veterinarian reports.

    For the 1st 8-12 months,  puppy must be given a diet high in fat, between 18%-20%, please use one of the following: Royal Canin ,  Eukunuba Puppy, or  Iams Puppy .  1st ingredient must be chicken.  Puppy must have food and water 24/7 until he/she is 5 months old.  No treats, of any kind, until the puppy is 5 months old.  Not following these diet guidelines will void your guarantee.

Breeder’s Responsibilities:

    If, within the first 72 hours, your Veterinarian identifies a "health issue" which clearly the puppy obtained at our facility, breeder will refund purchase price of puppy or replace the puppy (breeder's option). Buyer must return original puppy, with a written report from Veterinarian & registration papers, to the breeder within 48 hours of notifying the breeder.

    If with in the 1st year a qualified veterinarian detects a genetic disorder, to be serious enough to warrant the euthanization or major surgery of the dog, the diagnosis, any lab results and/or xrays must be sent to the breeder immediately. The breeder will have a licensed veterinarian interpret the report. If breeder’s vet concurs, breeder will refund the purchase price, upon return of dog’s registration paper and proof of euthanization. If buyer chooses not to euthanize the dog, then the dog must be returned to the breeder before a refund will be given.

    There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors or care of the puppy by the buyer, i.e.: starvation, hyperglycemia (sugar shock), allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee.

    The breeder guarantees delivery of a healthy companion puppy, but does not guarantee adult size, color, and temperament. Nor does breeder guarantee fitness for breeding.

    All hernias (navel & ingle) will be repaired before leaving if found by my vet.   Hernia repairs do not warrant return of money (even if puppy is intended to be used for breeding) as it is not life threatening & in no way interferes with the quality of life of the puppy.

    Registration papers will be supplied or mailed as soon as breeder receives them.

    This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements.

    This contract is null and void if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.

Thank you,


Yuma Pom's Pomeranians Puppy/Deposit Contract
AND 1 year health guarantee!
928 5505020
I, Sheila Santos herby sell/accept deposit for the puppy/dog described as follows:

Whelped: ____________________________________________________
Sire: ______________________________________________________________________________
Dam: _____________________________________________________________________________
Sex: _______________________________  
Color _________________________________________
Date of purchase ___________________________________________________________________
Date of pick up:_____________________________________________________________________

This puppy/dog is being sold with no warranties either expressed or implied, in as in condition with no guarantees including size, color, breeding abilities and/or show qualifications, and future health other then those stated herein: 

To the best of my knowledge this puppy/dog is free of disease and defects at the date of this deposit/sale. The buyer has 72 hours from the time they pick up the puppy/dog to have the puppy/dog checked by a veterinarian of their choice at the buyers expense. If the buyers vet exam reveals that the puppy/dog is diseased or a genetic health defect that affects the lifespan or quality of that life and a veterinarian of the breeders choice concurs with the diagnosis, the buyer may return the puppy/dog to the breeder for a replacement puppy. If there are no puppies available, the next available of equal value will be given at no charge, shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. 

If after this first initial visit the veterinarian deems the puppy/dog in good health this health guarantee will extend 1 year from date of purchase. If there is no initial vet visit, it voids any further warrantees since all puppy/dogs should be seen by a veterinarian on a frequent and annual basis. All paperwork, documents, and findings must be in writing and sent via Email or postal mail to seller to continue this 1 year health guarantee. 

There is no guarantee against accidents, neglect, abuse, or quality of health given to the puppy after it leaves my care. There is no guarantee against sickness not contracted on the breeders premises. No veterinary bills will be paid by the breeder for any reason at any time. The puppy/dog has had temporary inoculations against distemper, hepatitis, parvo cirus, and parainfluenza. The puppy/dog has been wormed by may need to be wormed again at the discretion of your veterinarian. Luxated patella, hernia, kennel cough, coccidian, worms, and fleas or ticks, are not serious health problems if treated, and could be prevented, therefore is not covered by this warranty. Hypoglycemia is also a serious health problem but is not covered by this warranty as this is generally caused by too much activity and or too little food and is within your control. There are also some minor problems that are common to toy breeds including Pomeranians. There is no guarantee against these additional common problems such as patella luxation, tracheal collapse, and dental problems. Buyer understands that toy breed dogs are more delicate and require a more gentle handling than larger dogs. Buyer also understands the importance of good dental care for their Pomeranian. In the event of a death of the puppy/dog a necropsy must be performed at buyers expense. All shipping expenses will be the responsibility of the buyer. 

Please contact breeder and veterinarian if pup is not eating properly or if puppy has lose stools for more than 6-12 hours. If puppy/dog is lethargic contact breeder and veterinarian immediately! Please be sure to feed your new baby at least every 3 hours. Buyer should have food and water available at all times to puppy/dog. 

It is agreed that at no time will the new owner sell or give this animal to a pet store, puppy mill, backyard breeder, dog pound, a broker, or any similar enterprise. The breeder will be notified in the event the new owner needs to find a new home for their puppy/dog for possible placement assistance. Buyer agrees that this puppy/dog will become a member of the family to assure proper development and maintenance of the temperament for which this puppy was bred. The buyer agrees that this puppy/dog is not to be left in backyard kennel, or outdoors. The puppy/dog will stay up to date on shots, dewormings, and all other health care and be seen annually by a licensed veterinarian, if at any time this agreement is not upheld fully, this health guarantee becomes void and the buyer agrees the seller will repossess the puppy/dog at no expense to the seller. Buyer will be held responsible for all legal and travel fees deemed necessary to repossess the puppy/dog. The buyer will not be refunded or paid in any way. 

Deposits are to hold the puppy of the buyers preference and is listed above. If in the event that puppy has health problems or death, the buyer may choose another puppy from the same litter or wait for an upcoming litter of equal value. No refunds will be given. In the event the buyer changes their mind and would like to transfer the deposit to another puppy of equal value, it is up to the seller and in most cases is acceptable if the puppy the buyer desires is still available, has no deposits pending, deposits made, or purchases made or has other potent ional buyers putting great effort into purchasing said puppy. The deposit is an agreement of future remaining balance to be paid by pick up date above. The buyer has 7 days from date of pick up date to arrange pick up or shipment of the puppy. 

And finally the buyer agrees that he/she/they understand this contract fully, that they have read every word of this contract, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of  Arizona in the county of  Yuma. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be Yuma Arizona

All Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions. This contract and health guarantee is nontransferable, and if any of the above terms are not upheld the warrantee becomes void. 

Full Purchase price of puppy: $___________________
Deposit given: $______________________ paid by: _________________________
Remaining balance due by date of pick up: $__________________________
Paid by: ________________________________________________

Shipping fee (if needed) $350.00 
Fee includes travel crate, health certificate from vet, transportation and parking to airport, puppy pads for inside crate, food and water dishes, toy(s), crate fan (if in hot summer months) and any additional items the puppy/dog may need. 

Buyer understands that if full payment is not made within the specified amount of time, the above mentioned dog/puppy can be sold to another buyer. If full payment is not received within the specified period of time, or reasonable arrangements made, all deposit and monies will remain with the seller. 

Buyer(s) name Printed: ________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
Phone number: ____________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________
Kennel Name: _____________________________________________
Kennel Address: ____________________________________________

Signature(s) of buyer: ____________________________________________________________


Deposit Policy:

By receiving the deposit the seller,  YUMA POMS  is agreeing to hold the puppy for the buyer and to not sell it to another party. By placing a deposit on a puppy the buyer is agreeing to purchase the dog/puppy described on the receipt. The buyer agrees to pick up the puppy or have the puppy delivered to them between the pick-up dates stated on the receipt, unless other arrangements have been made. The amount of the deposit will be applied to the final purchase price of the puppy.

If the seller breaks the agreement:

The seller will refund the deposit in the event the pup in unavailable or unfit for sale, such as if the puppy wasn't born (if you put the deposit on a puppy before it was born), was sick, had a serious defect, or died.

If the buyer breaks the agreement:

In the event the buyer changes their mind and decides they don't want the puppy, or if no contact or arrangements have been made to pick up the puppy by the final pick-up date, the deposit will not be refunded.

If the buyer has any questions or does not agree to the terms of deposit, please contact the seller immediately.

Deposit form:

Date: ________________________

Name: _______________________ Phone: _____________________

Address: ______________________________________

City: ______________________ State: _____ Zip: ____________

Email: ________________________________________


Sex: ____ Male ____ Female

_____1 Single Puppy

_____2 or more Puppies

Deposit per puppy: $300.00          

If being shipped there is an additional fee of $300.00 to the price of the puppy.     

Shipping Location:  _____________________________________

Purchase price based on how well we take of our Pomeranians and their litters to ensure you receive a happy healthy puppy for life, nothing else implied.

Deposit: (deposits are non-refundable)

You may pay deposits by Paypal (add 3.5% paypal fee), Money Order, Money Gram and Western Union. Full payment must be received and cleared prior to the puppy being shipped or picked up. NO EXCEPTIONS....

Puppies may be picked up no earlier than 6 weeks. All puppies must be picked up or shipped out by 8 weeks of age unless other agreements have been made. If not there will be a $10.00 per day boarding fee. If you do not contact me within 5 days after puppy was not picked up he/she will be resold. At that point you lose your deposit.

CUSTOMER SIGN: ________________________________


Email or call before sending a deposit. We do not promise a puppy is being held in your name until the deposit form and deposit is received. You can copy this form and print it so that you can fill it out and sign it. Then you can e-mail it back to me. If you want to mail the form back you can do that also.


Puppy Sales Agreement/Contract


This contract is between  YUMA POM'S  and _____________________, In consideration of payment in full of the purchase price of _____________________________________ ($           .     )  by Buyer to YUMA POM'S  , I agree to transfer to Buyer, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this contract, the ownership of one (male/female)Pomeranian  Puppy, herein after referred to as the "Puppy" (Regardless of age), from the mating of the sire and dam identified below.


Sire:                                                    AKC Reg#


Dam:                                                   AKC Reg#


1) The puppy is considered “pet quality” only unless otherwise stated herein.  I do not guarantee the puppy to be show potential or a breeding prospect.

2) Buyer must have new puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery.

3) The Seller guarantees that the said puppy described above will be free of adenovirus2, bordtella, distemper, parainfluenza, and parvovirus at the time the puppy leaves my home.  All of my puppies recieve the above series of vaccinations  ( in a  5 - way shot ) every 3.5 weeks starting at the age of six weeks old  . The  second  vaccination ( 5-way shot )   at 9.5 weeks a third  5 way  at 12.5 weeks old With the last in a series of 4 five way shots to  given at  at 16 weeks of age  .  I will provide a vaccination record of the purchased puppy.  The vaccination  record  that I provide will have a schdueled date for  ALL REQUIRED   VACCINATIONS  ( A series of four 5-way shots )  that ARE REQUIRED TO BE GIVEN  to the puppy up until the age of 16 weeks. IF THE PUPPY IS PURCHASED BEFORE THE AGE OF 16 WEEKS the Buyer agrees to continue the series of required vaccinations  If the buyer decides to buy the puppy before it has recieved the full series of four sets of vaccinations THE BUYER HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTINUE TO HAVE THE VACCINATIONS GIVEN TO THE PUPPY BY THEIR VET.  All future  vaccinations  on the puppy are to be recorded on the Vaccination Record  and to be fill in by buyers vet at the time of each  of the scheduled vaccinations  required  If the puppy is due for vaccinations, and  if the Buyer fails to provide the required  vaccinations ,  this guarantee is null and void . If the puppy contracts diseases that would otherwise be prevented by those vaccinations PLEASE NOTE : "Puppies are extremely susceptible to virulent viruses such as parvo virus due to the fact that puppies have no protective/acquired immunity from vaccinations until about 16 wks. or older. The addition of other stressful conditions such as separation from their littermates, vaccinations, and airplane travel only serves to increase their chances of becoming sick after exposure."

4) I shall not be responsible for any medical costs incidental to the puppy after Buyer receives the puppy. I guarantee the above-described puppy to be healthy at the time of the sale. I do not assume any liability for any injury to said puppy after time of sale.

5) You must contact the Seller within 24 hours of the exam if any life threatening genetic defects have been found and provide Seller with a copy of your Veterinarian’s written certificate stating the exact genetic defect found. In the event of death, the Buyer’s licensed Veterinarian must provide the Seller with a written certificate stating the exact cause of death. Our licensed Veterinarian will review the Buyer’s Veterinarian’s report, and if in agreement as to the presence of a genetic defect, or that a puppy’s death was caused by a genetic defect and not due to neglect, accidents, or sickness at the puppy’s new home, the puppy will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as one becomes available. If these regulations are not met the Guarantee becomes null and void.

6) I am not responsible for immunity level, mites, pneumonia, mange, heatstroke, ringworm, conjunctivitis, fleas, ticks, ear infections or any communicable diseases once the puppy has left my hands. Buyer is responsible for keeping their puppy away from contaminated areas, out of the heat and cold drafty places.

7) I shall provide to the Buyer with the registration certificate for the puppy.

8) IF THE BUYER PREFERS COMMERCIAL SHIPMENT: I will arrange air shipment for the said puppy, however, the Buyer will pay the cost of any and all arrangements and expenses for commercial shipment of the said puppy. The puppy will be shipped Airfreight. I can not commercially ship a puppy before 8 weeks of age.  I shall not be responsible for the safety of the puppy while in transit to the Buyer’s place of residence.

9) The buyer agrees to provide annual vet exams, including heartworm checks and preventatives, to do all vaccinations yearly, and keep all records of them. Failure to comply with and provide documentation of these requirements voids all guarantees. The Buyer further warrants that the puppy will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare. Puppy will be fed a suitable diet for its age. Puppy will receive regular booster vaccinations. Puppy will receive all necessary veterinary care to maintain its good health. Remember to keep you puppy clean.

10) If you are purchasing one of my puppies, it shall receive deworming at 3 weeks and their first set of shots at 6 wks. The second sets of shots are due at 9 wks, the third set of shots are due at 12 weeks, and at 16 weeks your puppy will need their rabies shot. After 16 weeks, yearly vaccinations are required.

10) No replacement for temperament as this is environmental and Buyer’s responsibility. As responsible breeders we expect that this puppy be properly socialized and attend a puppy obedience classes. As a breeder I do everything possible as to breed dogs of sound mind (temperament) and body. Some responsibility is the Buyer’s as to proper feeding, exercise, socializing and training, of which all have a bearing on the end results of a sound adult dog. I am not responsible for any damage the puppy might do at any given age.

11)  I will not be responsible for this loss and I will not refund the purchase price of the puppy, nor will I give another puppy for replacement. Buyer also agrees not to dispose of this puppy to any type of shelter.

12) Buyer agrees to and understands the following conditions: The puppy shall not be leased or given to any pet shop or research establishment. Buyer further agrees that said puppy should not be used for medical or any other experimental purposes or sold to supplier, wholesaler, shelter, pound, or humane society.

13) If at any time during the puppy’s life, you are unable to care for the puppy or you decide that you just don’t want him/her anymore. DO NOT TAKE THE PUPPY TO ANY TYPE OF SHELTER OR GIVE AWAY OR DISPOSE OF PUPPY.  All my puppy(s)/dog(s) are always welcomed to come back here. Please contact me and we will make arrangements in getting the puppy/dog back home to me. There will be no refund given.

This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement or verbal agreements made by either party that are not contained in this written contract shall be valid or binding. This contract may not be modified or altered except in writing and signed by both parties. Violations of this Contract will constitute BREACH of CONTRACT.

I have read and understand the stipulations of the Contract and voluntarily agree to all elements, stipulations and provisions herein.


Printed Name of Buyer: _____________________________________


Buyer Signature: ____________________________


DATE: ______________________

 NOTERY _______________________________________________

Printed Name of Seller:   YUMA POM'S  SHEILA SANTOS


Signature of Seller: __________________________


DATE: ______________________


You can copy this contract so that you can sign it then email it back, or you can send it by mail if you can’t scan it. A copy of this completed Contract with both Buyer and Seller's signatures will be provided to the Buyer.







This is the contractual agreement for the breeding of:

Pomeranian Bitch: ___________________________                    AKC registration #:___________________________

Owned by: ___________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________

The above-described bitch shall be bred to:

AKC registration #: ___________________________

Owned by: ___________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Both parties agree that this breeding is being conducted for the betterment of the Pomeranian breed.

The bitch must have good temperament, must be at least 1.5 years of age and in good health. The bitch must be brought to the stud dog for service. The stud owner agrees to keep the bitch confined and inaccessible to all dogs except for the agreed upon stud dog. The bitch will be bred on an every other day schedule (max of 3 times) for the week she resides with us, or upon her owner accompanied visits. Stud dog owner will take all reasonable precautions for the care and well being of the bitch. During the bitch's stay, she will be cared for as if she was our own.

Return Service:

1. The stud fee is $500.00 or the stud owner’s first pick puppy. Form of payment is the stud owner’s choice and will be decided before breeding takes place. When accepting money as payment the fee must be paid in full when the bitch is dropped off before breeding takes place. Stud fees are not refundable in whole or in part.

2. If the bitch fails to conceive, a return service at no extra charge will be given to this bitch provided the owner of the bitch notifies us after the lack of fetuses is confirmed by x-ray on or very near day 55 of the pregnancy. Stud owner will need to see written documentation of this event or speak to the vet on the phone to confirm.

3. In addition, if the bitch does not whelp at least one live puppy, then a repeat stud service will take place to the original bitch.

4. All transportation and veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the owner of the bitch.

5. If no puppies result from the return service, this entire agreement is terminated and the stud owner is released from any further obligations!  In the event this happens, and a pup was to be considered payment the Bitch Owner the $500 must instead be paid in full for the services upon a negative confirmation of the pregnancy by x-ray.

The Litter:

1. It is specifically agreed that the owner of the stud dog is not obligated to sign the litter registration of this litter until the stud owner has seen the whole litter in person and unless the stud fee has been paid in full.

2. The bitch owner must and will supply the names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of ALL puppy buyers to the stud owner.

3: All puppies will be sold with a mandatory spay/neuter contract and limited AKC registration. A copy of each signed contract must be provided to the stud owner. Signature of both bitch and stud owner must be present on each contract. The agreement is between Seller and Buyer; Stud Owner will be listed as a witness with no legal responsibilities.

4. Stud owner is not obligated to sign any of the puppy registration applications until buyer's names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses have been supplied and confirmed

5. Stud owner agrees that a small space on their website will be offered as a place of advertisement for the litter if the bitch owner so chooses to make use of it.

6: Litter registration fee is to be paid by the owner of the Dam, and must be sent in within one week of the puppies being born in order for their papers to come back in time for sale of the litter.

7: The puppies will not be released to their new homes until they are at least 8 weeks of age because of their small size and tendency for hypoglycemia, which can result in death.

Puppy Fee:

The following requirements must be met in the case where a puppy is to be received instead of a cash stud fee:

1. Stud owner has first choice before any buyers or the owner of the bitch, of one puppy, either sex, at no earlier than 8 weeks of age with full registration included.

2. The bitch owner agrees to sign and release the puppy's registration application to the stud owner at the time of sale.

3: If the stud owner plans to sell the pup instead of keeping it, it will be sold just like any other pup in the litter on the same contract with the "seller" being the bitch owner. The buyer will be the stud owner's choice as will the selling price of the individual puppy. Stud owner will receive the full payment for the puppy but will NOT be legally responsible should there be a disagreement over refunds, health guarantees, or the return of the puppy.

4: If the stud owner plans to keep the puppy for their breeding program said puppy would be sold without a spay/neuter contract. The price listed on the contract will be equal to the price of the stud fee. In the event that the puppy is proven to be defective in absolutely any way a FULL refund of the listed
price will be provided to the stud owner as payment for their stud services and the puppy will be returned to the bitch owner for re-sale to the person(s) of their choice under the same spay/neuter contract as the others in the litter.



By signing below you agree to all terms written above.


Form of payment: ___________________________              Date(s) of breeding: ___________________________ 



Owner of the Bitch:
_________________________              Date(s) of breeding: ___________________________