Above are the two newest additions to our breeding program here in Yuma Arizona  . The White beauty at the very top is Li Ya , Short for.  “ Camelot’s Ice White Princess of Chaio Li Ya “
Pictured above Li Ya are her beautiful parents .....so you can see what kind of quality she comes from .
we purchased Li Ya from the worlds BEST breeder of white Pomeranians  IN ASIA , THE CHAIO LI YA KENNEL The picture under that picture of Li Ya ,  is  an adorable little  white girl standing in the grass in Russia 
This picture was taken of her at her breeders home in Russia .  She is now here in the United States with us in Yuma Arizona  . The  picture below her is her parents   As well as  her ancestors behind her to show you the quality that she comes from . her  Registered name is  “ Camelots tiny white Russian dancer “
her call name is Dancer .  we also imported her brother to add to our breeding program you will see a picture of him on our boys page as well as his parents and ancestors 
 Below are pictured  the beautiful females that produce our gorgeous puppies here in Yuma Arizona 
from top to bottom are  Peepers ( 100% Asian female from the Chaio Li Ya Kennel in Asia ) 
The next girl pictured is Beautiful Ice White Chanel ( 1/2 Asian  …1/2 American ) female bread here in Yuma Arizona sired by Spicy an Ice white boy we imported from the Chaio Li Ya Kennel ) Pictured next is ice white Annie a 4 pound Ice White girl with 100% American Lines . Next is pictured Li Ya again and last is Queenie also imported from Thailand