Above are some of the  Beautiful White Pomeranians that are currently in our  white Breeding Program  .... Lorie and Vicki  I  are specialized breeders of  WHITE  Pomeranians exclusively and we are the  only Pomeranian Breeders in the United States that Breed  White and only White Pomeranians . We all live within a few miles of each other and  have a TOTAL  of only 15 Pomeranians between the three of us . What that means is that our Pomeranians are our PETS not our breeders . NON of our Pomeranians are kenneled , they are all pets and run freely have are loved deeply . Despite the fact that we only have a few Pomeranians , we have QUALITY Pomeranians with hundreds of Champions behind them . 

Available Puppies

 We focus our breeding program on breeding  within the AKC size range and standards, with smaller faces, bigger coats , strong hearts, tight Patellas,  but always white. 

EVERY PERSON that has purchased one of our beautiful white Pomeranian Puppies has been happy and satisfied  Testamonials

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Wonder why my dogs are so healthy and Happy ? It is because ALL my dogs are on  NuVet Vitamins  and  supplements . If you want a healthy dog I suggest you watch the movie below  to learn more .  I give these vitamins to all my puppies and send them to their new homes with a supply  to last them until you can order your own .   There is NOTHING better available  

         Order Toll-Free: 1-800-474-7044 Use Order Code:  13490  

                     ALL my dogs are on  NuVet Vitamins

 Order Toll-Free: 1-800-474-7044 Use Order Code:  13490