Welcome to my Web Site. 

I am a specialized breeder of  WHITE  Pomeranian's exclusively , and have been for MANY years 

 Yes I really do have this many BEAUTIFUL  WHITE Pomeranians ..

 ( white is the ONLY COLOR I BREED ) 

..I do not want to sell my babies to other Breeders of Pomeranians .

 I want to only sell my white Pomeranian babies to PET homes that will love them and make  them part of their family .  

Click on link below  to send me an Email  for all   Inquiries : 


I focus my breeding program on   JUST white Pomeranian's  , with the intention of breeding  within the AKC size range and standards, with smaller faces, bigger coats , strong hearts, tight Patellas,  but always white. 

........I provide REFERENCES  upon request ........  

  PLUS    I give previous customer phone numbers and Email addresses  to serious buyers ( upon request ) 

I focus my breeding on whites exclusively