M y name is Sheila 
I have been Breeding White Pomeranians Exclusively for many, MANY  years.  I have a STERLING REPUTATION and have MANY MANY  people who have purchased my puppies that will be happy to share their experience with you .
Currently, as of 2022 I am only breeding 3 females here in our home . 
Princess, Hollywood and Cashmere 
We have 2 Stunning males to produce babies with our girls. Grandie produces the EXTREME TEDDY BEAR FACE on his puppies 
Icee will put a normal Teddy Bear face on his puppies 

I am  still the only Pomeranian  Breeder Registered  with The American Kennel Club ( AKC), 
that breeds ONLY White Pomeranians
With a THREE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE! The reason for this is my Breeding Stock are the best of the best . They are PERFECTLY HEALTHY and have healthy babies that I can give a three year health guarantee on. . 


To improve the White Pomeranians here in the United States we have imported some  the Best White Pomeranians in the World to enhance our line.You will not find nicer White Pomeranian puppies anywhere in the United States, GUARANTEED !  My Husband Ernie and I have been Breeding White Pomeranian's  Exclusively for many years .
To be able to produce the best white Pomeranians here in the United States I have had to purchase my Breeding Stock from outside of the United States .
I want to produce the BEST WHITES IN THE US so I went to the BEST IN THE WORLD for my Breeding stock 
The WORLDS leading producer of WHITE SHOW Pomeranians is the World famous Chiao Li Ya Kennel is Asia. These beautiful white Pomeranians below have been produced by Frank  Hsieh. He has been PERFECTING the white Pomeranian over the past 35 years see some of his beautiful Show Dogs below :

 To expand  the gene pool to pull from  , for my white breeding program  . I have placed many of my  white Pomeranians with friends and family    Here in Arizona  a few of my friends and Family allow their white Pomeranians from my line to have babies . When they have puppies you can purchase one from me. I have breeding rights to their dogs  ( to open up my gene pool even further  ) Currently we are the only  Pomeranian  breeders in the United States registered with the American kennel club that  breed white and only white AKC registered Pomeranians   That come with a three year health guarantee . I specialize in the TINY TEDDY BEAR  AND BABY DOLL FACE WHITE  Pomeranians 
 My Sister Lorie Spealizes in white American / Camelot Lines  with Baby Doll Faces and  My Daughter Ci CI focuses on the Baby Doll  faces POMS also . 
                                   Lorie  , her Daughter Chelsie and her Son Billy Specialize  in white American Camelot Lines  with Baby Doll Faces


Ci Ci focuses on the Baby Doll  faces POMS also . 

We have been Breeding White Pomeranian's  Exclusively for many years . Currently we are the only Network of   Pomeranian  Breeders Registered  with The American Kennel Club  that breed ONLY  White Pomeranians  here in the United States .
To improve the White Pomeranians here in the United States we have imported the Best Whites in the World to enhance our line . You will not find nicer White Pomeranian puppies anywhere in the United States GUARANTEED !  
Below are some of the beautiful White Pomeranians we have imported for our white breeding program 
The Pomeranian's did not really come into our lives until the 90's after our oldest daughter got married and moved to California .  Our first Pomeranian was Diva a gift from a friend by the name of Marie ( thank  you Marie) 
well she was adorable and I just had to have another so I bought Co Co
he was so adorable. But I wanted to have a litter of Pomeranian Puppies and since Diva and  Co Co were not the quality that I wanted to produce . I purchased a quality breeding pair from a wonderful Pomeranian Breeder by the name of Pat . My daughter Ci Ci drove to Pats Kennel  and picked up my first official pair of AKC Registered Pomeranian's .  then drove them over a thousand miles to bring them to me  ! De De was the female . she was a proven free whelper and a wonderful Mother. She was the perfect size
 ( 5 pounds)  with a beautiful Teddy Bear face and a HUGE coat . Pat was so kind to sell her to me. The male was Choco Beau  He was a tiny three pound Chocolate boy who was a proven breeder and was and older dog when Pat sold him to me .  and oh what an great Breeder he was !
 Well after that first litter turned out to be all black and white Parti Puppies . 
 I decided I wanted  to breed white Pomeranians and while I found white girls to breed to Co Co I had a very Hard time finding a nice White boy to breed to my white girls. It finally happened in 2009 !
 I purchased  Icee from the same Breeder that had sold me my first pair of Pomeranian's to breed . Pat ! So I Registered  him as The Ice White Knight of Camelot . I was by that time a registered Breeder with AKC under the Kennel name "Camelot " Well the Babies that Icee started to produce with my white females were so beautiful I retired my other male Choco Beau  and Icee was the only boy breeding  here until 2017 ! 

Then my quest started in Ernest to find WHITE females as nice as Icee to breed with him . Well that proved to be impossible , but I did find an Ice White Female bred out of Mexico that was Homozygious for the Sp Gene 
( responsible for the Ice White color)  
She BECAME  my Foundation Bitch and I registered her as the Ice White Princess of Camelot ,She and Icee produced many beautiful babies in fact I kept most of their daughters to breed in my white breeding program Pictured below are the puppies that Icee and Princess produced 
most are pictured as adults 

By this time my friend Lorie Noland started working with me in producing these beautiful White Pomeranian's 
So when I purchased Anakin Jr.  ( seen here at 8 months old  )  who I thought would grow up to look like his Father Anakin  ( shown below ) Registered as Ch Jan Shars White Knight. Lorie decided she wasnted him 

   so he went to live at her house along with one of Icees Sons as well as some of Icees Daughters .Well after I finally exhausted all chances of finding white females in the United States as nice as The Ice White Knight of Camelot  .  

I started Importing white Pomeranians  from over seas below are the whites I have imported to add to my white breeding program so far