to be put on my waiting list

Please check the box below on what size you want


  1. MELISSA CHOI  / girl2022.

I am starting a new waiting list. 

  to go on my waiting list you will need to e mail me at: 

and let me know the following :

 1. do you want a puppy or an adult?

 2. Do you want a male or a female?

 3. Do you want a tiny Pomeranian  ($$$!!!) that will grow up and stay tiny  ( these usually have more health problems)  

4. do you want a normal size Pomeranian that will grow up to be between five and 7 pounds as an adult these range in price from 3500 up to $6000 depending on if they are pet quality or show quality

 5. if you’re on a budget we occasionally have what is called a throwback this would be a white