Hello, my name is Sheila.

I have been breeding  white Pomeranians for many years now, and have a sterling reputation with my customers who  have come back to get a second Pomeranian from me many times. I breed tiny Pomeranians that grow up to be as small as 3 pound  adults occasionally, but the majority of my puppies grow up to be over 5 pounds. Regarding the puppies that grow up to be under 4 pounds, Some people refer to these as white teacup Pomeranians. I just referred to them as tiny white Pomeranians. The American kennel club standard for show Pomeranians is anywhere from 3 pounds as an adult up to 7 pounds as an adult and our puppies grow up in that size range, as well as eve smaller and larger as an adult , so if you are looking for a beautiful white Pomeranian puppy with Champion lines, you have found the best  Breeder  in the United States for  white Pomeranians. Our studs have been imported from the best White Pomeranian Breeder In The world and our females are a mixture of American lines and Asian lines. We are also the only White Pomeranian Breeder registered with the American kennel club that gives a three year guarantee on all our puppies.  We have a sterling reputation and have been breeding white Pomeranian puppies since 2009 so we have the experience, we have the reputation, and we have the most beautiful white Pomeranians available in the United States guaranteed I am the only Pomeranian breeder  in the United States Registered with the American kennel club, that breed only white Pomeranians  Imported from the best Pomeranian kennels in the world.  I don’t breed a lot of Pomeranians, but  I can guarantee you I breed the best WHITE POMERANIANS  that are available in the United States . The reason for that is, we have focused on improving white Pomeranians in the United States by incorporating Asian Russian and Korean lines into the white lines here in the United States. We have been working to improve the white Pomeranian lines here in the United States for almost 20 years now. I work hand-in-hand with the worlds most  Renown breeder of champion white Pomeranians in the world Frank Heish , Owner of the Famous Chiao Li Ya Kennel in Asia 

If you’re  interested in talking to me about buying one  of my Pomeranians, please text me at 

 928-550-5020. Ask for Sheila or email me at arizonapomeranians@gmail.com.

 Please don’t leave a message on my phone as I do not answer my  phone messages. There are just too many phone solicitors leaving messages nowadays, and I don’t have time to go through all of them.

To contact me  about a POMERANIAN puppy , send me a text to 


Or E Mail me at

This is wiggles BELOW ,  he was born here his daddy is 

 “ The  Ice white Knight of Camelot “ 

Every puppy  born here in our home  is AKC registered and is raised in our home in a loving home  atmosphere 
We only breed White Pomeranian‘s with champion lines . they pretty much all look like this one  below  
(Being held by Chelsie Noland  )when they are babies .
and  some look like  this handsome hunk below when they grow up 
 Below is as an adult
 ( below is Caicos and his owner Kris Ruby CEO Ruby Media Group) 

And yes my pomeranians really are this cute 
Can you spot the little white Pomeranian I hid  amongst  the stuffed animals ?
To improve the White Pomeranians here in the United States we have imported some  the Best White Pomeranians in the World to enhance our line.You will not find nicer White Pomeranian puppies anywhere in the United States, GUARANTEED !  

ABOVE IS A  SOPHIA IN A YVETTE RUTA PET BED ...IF you want a pet bed like this please click on the link below 

If a person is selling a “ white Pomeranian puppy “ and tells you that they are affiliated with me or my Camelot line, please check with me first!!!
There are so many SCAMMERS and liars out there ! PLEASE BEWARE 
I only work with  a very select FEW ONLY! They are friends and Family that I allow to Breed my Line.