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I highly recommend NUVET VITAMINS

If you buy one of my puppies , I will send him  home with some ❤️


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NuVet Plus Review
Wonder why my dogs are so healthy and Happy ? It is because ALL my dogs are on NuVet Vitamins and supplements. If you want a healthy dog I suggest you watch the movie below to learn more.  I give NuVet Plus vitamins to all my puppies and send them to their new homes with a supply to last them until you can order your own.  There is NOTHING better available.  

Thousands of the nation’s top veterinarians and other pet industry professionals use NuVet Plus® for their own pets and recommend it to their clients’ pets!

NuVet Plus® is the culmination of 8 years of research

and development, formulated with the goal of creating a nutrient formula that would go beyond mere vitamin replenishment.  The supplement is a full-spectrum nutritional supplement that focuses on the root cause of illness and disease while simultaneously boosting your pet’s immune system and overall health.

NuJoint Double-Strength (DS) is the newest addition

to the NuVet line of natural products! This hip and joint therapy supplement can help dogs of all ages by accelerating the healing process and reducing pain quickly – now with increased anti-inflammatory properties! NuJoint DS can be used as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of osteoarthritis and cartilage deterioration.

Why Choose NuVet Plus?

  • On the forefront of pet health since 1997
  • Manufactured in a U.S. human pharmaceutical FDA- registered laboratory
  • Natural, human-grade ingredients
  • Strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and more
  • Cold-processed using a patented paddle-drying process to retain the rich nutrients found in each ingredient
  • Safe for dogs and cats of all ages, including pregnant females

How Does NuVet Plus Work?

  • Combats free radicals and helps reduce the risk of many ailments that can strike your pet
  • Promotes proper function of the immune system, cardiovascular system, bone structure, nerve systems, glands, organs, and more
  • Protects against dangerous toxins and other harmful substances that pets encounter daily in the environment and in foods (many of which contain hormones, preservatives, meat by-products, pesticide residue, sugar, and allergens like corn and grain)
  • Helps beautify the skin and coat with natural omega fatty acids that are unavailable from most foods and supplements because they are destroyed through heat treating (cooking)