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AKC Puppy Registration : How AKC Breeders
Ensure a Good Start!

Online Litter Records

Online Litter Records

AKC breeders are the best and produce the best puppies, whether they are destined for show careers or loving homes. Help ensure they get their best start with the valuable package of benefits that is only available to AKC registered puppies. Worth $125, it includes a free copy of the Official New Puppy Handbook, a free introductory veterinary office visit, complimentary 60-day Trial Pet Healthcare coverage, and much more! Simply click the link above and enter the puppy owner information for your recent litter via our Online Litter Records tool. AKC will contact your puppy owners and communicate the valuable benefits of AKC registration that's waiting for them and their puppy! (Don't worry - the contact information of puppy buyers you list in your litter record will not be sold or used for any other promotions or marketing.)

AKC Litter Number: TS011439 Date of Birth: 12/09/10
Dam's AKC Number: TR91678801 Sire's AKC Number: TR90720702
Male Puppies: 1 Female Puppies: 3


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