Estrus Cycle is divided into 4 groups
  • Anestrusis the rest time between heats.
  • Proestrus is the first days of heat, swelling of the vulva , start of blood , the follicles containing the eggs mature over a few to nine days. Fertilization can not happen at this stage. Ovulation testing is recommended at the end of this stage, contact your Vet for a vaginal cytology or contact Camelot Farms, they have a new Ovulation test on the market.
  • Esterus or standing heat is when the female will accept the male. Her blood will turn to a lighter shade of red or straw colored. She will exhibit behavior like lifting her tail rubbing her rear end against objects and moving her rear end sideways. This behavior is called flagging. To test if she is flagging, rub your palm down her back to the base of her tail. If she lifts her rear end up in the air she is flagging. Ovulation occurs during this 4-7 day flagging stage. If you are going to breed do it within the 4-7 days. ( Average bitch ovulates on Day 11 of her heat cycle ) Breeding on days 10 12 14 or Larger breeds may be best to breed 8 10 12
  • Metestrus is the stage that readies the uterus for pregnancy. If fertilization does occur the fertilized eggs take up to a week before they attach themselves to the uterine wall.
    If fertilization does not occurs this stage reverts back to anestrus. http/date/duration.html

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