THIS IS PRINCESS . SHE WAS MY ICE WHITE FOUNDATION GIRL.  I learned a lot about Canine Color Genitics from this beautiful girl. As of this update she is 11 years old  still a bright clear ice white and is as agile  as a three year old , she still has strong beautiful white teeth and is is still playful as a puppy

Her daughters have been the foundation of my white breeding program. Princess has given me many beautiful white puppies over the years. DESPITE THE FACT THAT HER PARENTS WERE NOT WHITE SHE IS GENETICALLY ICE WHITE . SHE HAS PRODUCED 100 PERCENT WHITE PUPPIES OVER THE YEARS . SHE WAS BORN IN 2009 AND OVER THE YEARS I HAVE BRED HER TO  DIFFERENT  WHITE MALES TO SEE WHICH COMBINATION PRODUCED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES . SHE WAD BRED TO Icee( ice White) I kept a couple of those girls to add to my breeding program ……to Spicy ( ice white)  I keep some of those girls to add to my breeding program  TO Anakin creamy white) I have used those girls in my breeding program   AND TO Barrie( normal white) I did not keep any of those girls HER LAST PUPPY WAS FATHERED BY SPICY  , SHE TOO IS ICE WHITE AND SHE IS CURRENTLY IN MY BREEDING PROGRAM CURRENTLY 

over the years Princess produced every shade of white imaginable. 







This is the Stunning …..   Ice White Princess of Camelot .  She is now my biggest  female , but she is no longer having puppies . She is enjoying being an AUNTIE to the beautiful babies 

She has a very sturdy body structure and is built for agility .He puppies grow up to be very athletic. If you want an athlete that will walk for MILES with you , get one of her puppies .She is attached to me at the hip! I can not sit down without her being right there  in my lap before I am completely seated . She is so full of love and devotion…... I sometimes think that  I don't deserve her . She has the most beautiful puppies and some of them are blessed with her personality ! 

She is big boned and is put together very well  .She has very tight Patellas and great hips. 

Below you can see how  beautiful the dogs that she has produced  grew up to be....

first is BRIGHT ICE WHITE Sugar Bear ...she has had some AMAZING  offspring ....

To get an idea of the quality of the puppies that Princess has .Above is Sugar Bear  Princess and Icee are his Parents  .Below are the puppies Princess has produced over the years 

below is a pictorial record of  of Princesses  puppies 

The ice white princess of Camelot  ( Princess ) produced many beautiful puppies for us 

they were all white 

different shades of white 

but all white 

if it weren’t for her  , I would not have my white breeding program today 

she’s alive and well having a happy retirement here in Somerton Arizona