.........This is Dr. MacKinnon  ( Mac) a VERY SPECIAL Veterinarian

....yes she really is that pretty !

.... a little about her ......

Dr. Kira MacKinnon is funny and always smiling. She treats her Patients like they were her own . AND she treats her Patients  , Humans as though they really matter ! .

I first met " Dr. Mac" when she worked at another Vet Clinic. ( name not to be revealed ) LOL .  One day I went  in for an appointment and was greedted by a different Vet . "Where is Dr MacKinnon , " I asked.  "Oh she dosent work here any longer" was the terse response...... . "Where does she work now " I asked. "......."We lost her to Desert Veterinary Clinic"  they responded. I finished the appointment,  paid the nice lady went home and promptly called Desert Veterinary Clinic.

" Does Dr MacKinnon work there " I asked . " Yes she does ," was the friendly  reply .

Well needless to say the next appoint I made was with Dr MacKinnon at Desert Veterinary Clinic. And wonder of Wonders every one there was FRIENDLY !..... all had sweet smiles and happy faces .

You could really tell this was a nice place to work since all the employees seemed so happy ....hey am I rambling ..........

  Enough about Dr. MacKinnon..............

...........below is the wonderful Staff of my Favorite Veterniary clinic in all of Arizona and California combined!
Below is a PERFECT FORMUA. To  tube feed to a puppy that is an orphan.....

Boil one large piece of liver in a cup of water (add water if needed) until it is very cooked. Strain the liquid and freeze leftover liquid in ice cube trays and keep in plastic bag. 

One 10 oz can of goats milk ( available at Walmart ) 

3 oz of Liver water (above)

One raw egg yolk

One cup of whole fat live culture yogurt

One tablespoon of mayo or canola oil

One dropper of infant vitamins

One teaspoon of Karo...light or dark...doesn't matter which

Mix in a blender, keeps in your fridge for 7 days. This is a thick formula, It can be tube fed to the baby 
It has 10-12 calories per cc which should allow for good weight gain on your babies.

Susan Patterson 
The following is the formula I raised my CP puppy on. He is now 2 1/2, has had surgery and has his own FB page if you look for Thomas The-Pup. I beefed up the formula by adding liver water, and you can also subQ FFP too. Puppy Formula
1 can or carton from the dairy section (12 oz – 1 ½ cup) - goats milk 
Equal part water or no-flavor Pedialyte (12 oz – 1 ½ cup)
1 tbsp Karo (lite or dark) syrup
2 TBSP Liver Juice
2 egg yolks 
¼ c plain yogurt
¼ c REAL mayo (not lowfat, not ‘salad dressing’)
2cc Liquid Vitamins - if available-I have used regular baby vitamins here, either pet or baby vitamins will work

Mix the above together well. Pour the amount needed for a feeding into another container and store the above mixture in the refrigerator. Stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator the above is usually good for 5 days.Like  5 hours ago